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Igor Susmelj

The business Breeding with Unicorn Labs was the perfect setup to discover and develop new ideas! The best idea ultimately played a role in our success at HackZurich 2018!

Guy Reiffers

Welcoming Unicorn Labs in our Berlin office had a profound impact to our business model! Leveraging the potential of a diverse and international team of five experts from the Industry and Top Universities they build us a MVP in only one weekend. Afterwards we were able to discover new market potentials while studying the MVP.

Guy Reiffers
Rebolet AG

Samuel Riedel

Going to Berlin with Unicorn Labs was an unforgettable experience for me. I helped build an MVP for Rebolet and not only improved my coding skills but also gained valuable insights into the early phase of a start-up. I had a really enjoyable time working with easy-going people in an inspiring atmosphere.

Samuel Riedel

Alexander Boethius

We came to Unicorn Labs to develop a miniaturized hardware prototype along with a mobile app for field testing. We had an excellent weekend of hacking with 5 unicorns, which eventually led to building an excellent concept demonstrator.

Alexander Boethius

Margherita Rosnati

Being part of a Unicorn Labs breeding was a really formative experience: you are faced with real life problems where metrics are not predefined and you have to shape both the problem together with contribute to finding a solution. It was also great to meet like minded people and see what the innovators of Zurich are up to!

Margherita Rosnati

Brian Regan

Unicorn labs was a fantastic expierence with getting hands on with an idea. It allowed me to learn new skills and deliver something of value to the startup involved!

Brian Regan